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Since I was a kid, I always had this need to act, create and capture moments. I wrote and starred on my first play with my friends from the neighborhood when I was only 7 years old, and directed my first home made movie with a Sony Handy-Cam at age 10. 

Life has taken me on an artistic venture since I can remember! I did my first TV Commercial as an actor at age 17 and after that and through out the years I've done multiple TV Shows and Feature films in different countries like The United States, Venezuela and Brazil, worked with incredible actors and got the opportunity to see in first hand, the process of amazing filmmakers creating amazing projects.

Since the beginning of my journey, I also dedicated myself to learn the technical aspect of digital filmmaking by reading dozens of books, doing numerous tutorials, and creating hundreds of videos to practice producing, directing, editing, narrative and vfx.

In the past years living in Los Angeles, I have been lucky enough to be able to learn more about filmmaking by USC professors and have the experience to produce my first feature film, and and work with multiple agencies and production companies that have allowed me to produce and direct over 100 projects between commercials, industrials and music videos, giving me the experience and confidence to manage and re-create the visions of others personally with my own company Unlabeled Content. 

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